• My Love
    for Baking

My Love of Baking

My fondest memories of baking take me back home to South Africa. I recall visiting the many ‘Tuisnywerheid’ or home industry shops brimming with freshly prepared breads, cakes and bakes using local produce of fruit, jams and preserves from the area.

I was amazed at the how much care and love these, salt of the earth, bakers and producers put into replicating simple, traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation, great-grandmothers to grandmother, to mother and then daughters.

Locally Sourced

Where possible, I have followed this ethos and support local producers, farmers and like-minded businesses whether it be sourcing fresh free range eggs from a local farmer in Dinton, supplying to local farm shops in and around the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire borders or selling at the local farmers markets.

My cakes are not fancy nor intended to be. They are simple traditional bakes, made fresh, by hand, either by myself or with the help of my baker, Anna who has supported me for over 12 years when my first cakes were baked from my tiny Oxfordshire cottage kitchen.

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